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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 21, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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is a website for you. make the checks out to the breitbart children fuse. >> that is love actually. >> sherrod. >> i want to say happy new year. this is the last show so have a merry christmas, happy kwanza to the black people. i just want to say joy to everybody for the new year. i think 2013 will be big. i know 13 is in the title, but it will be a great deal. >> imogen, quickly. >> happy holidays, america. >> back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. screw you for your love of "love actually." thank you, imogen, bill, gavin. that does it for me. tonight? >> [inaudible] give you what you want. >> too late. start shooting in a week. >> i'm going to make them an offer can't refuse.
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>> bill: power, who has it in america? is president obama trying to empower the federal government at your expense? we'll present the facts and you can make the call. >> mr. core lone is a man who insists on hearing bad news. >> i know that secretary clinton visited libya in october of 2011. did the deteriorating security information come in during heir visit there. >> bill: senator rubio should be asking that question to secretary clinton herself. she is missing in action. where is hillary? laura i can gram on the case. >> i feel that an injustice has been done. thousands of pageant girls across the nation who compete. believe me this is honest -- >> former miss u.s.a. contestant has been ordered to pay donald trump 5 million bucks over a legal beef. mismegyn kelly with the story. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. power, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you are fortunate enough to acquire money in this life, you will also get power. money in america can buy you protection education, doctors accountants make you more money and lawyers if anything goes wrong. money is power. if you don't have much money, life is much harder because you can't protect yourself as well as a wealthy person. that is why what is happening in america right now effects every single person who lives here. president obama and the democrats want to take power from the people and give it to the federal government. every time you pay taxes, you make the government stronger and your own situation weaker. so a tax increase empowers the
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government at the expense, pardon the pun, of the taxpayer. of course, taxes are needed for the military, transportation, safety nets and other things that strengthen our freedoms. but what's happening now is a bunch of other stuff. for example government control the healthcare industry makes you weaker and the feds stronger. higher taxes on achievers make them weaker the feds stronger. regulation of guns makes citizens more dependent on police. thus, the government grows stronger. the more shots, pardon the pun, the feds and the states call the less freedom we the people have. now, some folks want to trade freedom for security. just go to cuba, you will see that go to china, government runs the show. and through the history strong central governments have always been on display. america was supposed supposed to be different. that's why the founding fathers built in protections for us that's why they encouraged a free press to
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keep government power in check. to expose power grabs in washington. but now the press is working in concert with the obama administration. no longer do we have a skeptical media when it comes to confronting power. the president's liberal ideology is compatible with the liberal belief system of many media bosses. and so we are seeing a tremendous power grab in washington. that's not being challenged by many in the media talking points admit very few americans understand what's going on and certainly many voters had no clue in november. just remember, every time. every time a new law is passed, even the good ones the state grows more powerful the individual grows weaker. that's the truth and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from los angeles leslie marshall and from washington kirsten powers, both are democrats and fox news contributors.
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so on the level of brilliance, kirsten, how would you rate that memo? i don't know what is worse than an f? can i give you a g? >> bill: really? what a tough prop. >> yeah. you know, bill, to bring up cuba and china in connection with to raising taxes. >> bill: you made that connection? i was making some people want security over freedom. >> right. >> bill: i wasn't making the other one that you assert. maybe i should read it again to you, kirsten. >> i heard it. i heard it very well. >> bill: all right. you just miscategorized it there. >> raising taxes by 4 percentage points is some major infringement on freedom is absurd. >> bill: do you think that's the only income tax rise? >> even if you put every tax together. >> bill: yes. >> there is no major infringement happening here. >> bill: do youyou don't think t weakens your position in this world?
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>> weakens? >> bill: sure. here is kirsten powers she earns a nice salary, okay? every time she turns around in this country now there is another, hey, over here. you want to drive on the highway, hey, hey, here is the toll. you want to go and buy a house? here is a property tax. and here is another -- if the house over certain amount, here is another tax surcharge. here is the state. here is the local. here is this, here is that you don't think that weakens you? >> listen, yeah. it's interesting you pick out all those little things. >> bill: little? >> how about iraq war that i had to pay for? >> bill: listen, i wasn't i said the iraq war was a tremendous amount of burden on us. >> we never should have gone into that i had to pay for that. afghanistan war we are paying for that. we should have raised taxes actually to pay for that instead we put it on the credit card. >> bill: -- >> agree with that if we did it we should pay for it. >> grade the memo leslie. >> i'm going to give you a c
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minus. i don't give a's or f's. i'm not kissing up and it is christmas next week. >> bill: kissing one a c minus i never got that after eighth grade, all right? i went to harvard, give me a break. >> the reason i give you c minus i wealthy can buy all of those things. i also agree with the fact that the other 99% of the americans or the 8% of the americans don't have those options and it's unfair. >> bill: it's unfair. i agree with the president that we need to level the playing field. that's not weakening america. we are strengthening america by leveling the playing field. >> bill: you believe that giving money to folks strengs strengthens them. >> we are not talking about giving money. we're talking about giving health. >> bill: that's what you said. >> giving the opportunities that rich people have with position, for example, with healthcare we are going to be healthier and hence a stronger
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nation. less sick days and productivity. >> bill: that's true. maybe you are weaker because you don't get to pick your health care it's going to be picked for you. the docbe told you can do this procedure, doc, but not that one. because if you do that one, we're not paying, leslie is going to have to pay. so now, kirsten, the healthcare decision-making is not in the hands of the individual any longer. it's in the hands of the feds. that weakens you. >> it's never been in the hands of the individual. right now. >> bill: yes, it has. i can pick dr. wellbuy if i want. >> to you can because you are wealthy. most people have tree lie on insurance companies like i have to go to my insurance company and they can decide whether or not they are going to pay for something. and quite often they don't pay for it. so this is myth that we right now live where everybody gets. >> bill: basically call the shots. if you didn't like your insurance company you could go over to another one. if you didn't like their choices you could buy another one. >> i can't -- that's not true.
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>> bill: you don't think -- wait. i only have 30 seconds, you guys. you don't think that you are weakened as an individual by obama care? you think you are stronger? is that what you think? >> i got to weigh in on this. you know i'm married to an orthopedic surgeon. let me tell you something, medicare controlled by the government already does decide and not just medicare, blue cross, etna. >> bill: because their entitlements. >> they decide what the doctors can and cannot do. >> bill: you are into that entitlement culture. they are entitlements, of course they are going it decide. but now the whole industry is controlled by the feds. i can't believe you guys don't see what's going on here. >> all right. i will take the f and the c minus. >> they are going to give me an a. merry christmas to you both. next on the run down, heads are indeed rolling at the state department over the assassination of libyan ambassador but the secretary of state has vanished. where is hillary clinton?
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senate and the ohio state grilled state department officials over the massive screw up in libya. i was hoping to use sound bite because they are too boring. can't use them. no light was shed on what actually happened in libya because only underlings testified. secretary of state hillary clinton was supposed to testify but she's missing. joining us now from washington miss laura incorporate gravment so before i get to hillary clinton and i want to know if you are concerned because no one knows where she is. what would you have given me on the memo? i got an f from powers and c minus from leslie. >> they are putting a bunch of coal in your stocking i would have given you a minus but
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then i'm in a good mood this christmas. i would give you a minus. you hit it out of the park. >> we like to hear the opposing point of view. no one knows where she is and she can't testify in front of the senate and house committees today and everybody's time was wasted and they are firing the janitor and valet car parker at the state department. >> i'm very worried as do you. we both have respect for secretary clinton. you are roman catholic as am i. we are now calling this the immaculate concussion. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's good. did you make that up? who made that up? [ laughter ] one of migrate tweets. if the tree falls in the forest, does it really fall if nobody hears it fall? did she really have a concussion? maybe she did. who knows? >> she could have taped it up and gone.
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>> bill: can you answer the question. i have had a concussion my entire life. >> that explains it yeah. now, bill, it would have been much more dramatic. you couldn't pull a sound bite from this thing it was so bad today. imagine if she was all wrapped up like the revolutionary war 1776. >> here is how bad it is. they are calling people in from the state department whose expertise is in tonga and asking people i don't know. i'm in charge of tonga. the only people who know about the screw up are hillary clinton and her direct deputies and, you know, we're not going to get anything until the secretary goes up there under oath and answers the questions. but she is gone. i mean, somebody told me that she is in georgetown and she is just in the house and not coming out. >> you know what they did. i was shopping earlier today
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neiman marcus was walled off. did i see a motorcade. she better not find herself in neiman marcus. i can't confirm that with hillary. she is very generous with bill and chelsey so who knows. we don't know. we know tom nydes he is such a low level person a deputy secretary he did testify today, bill. >> bill: he didn't know anything. >> no. the most hilarious thing about this is the democrats on the committee were taking parting shots at republicans the ones leaving office. you are just bringing this up for political reasons and how dare you call into question hillary clinton's concussion and and marco rubio said why is this low level people are taking the fall here? does anyone have any answers about how priorities were or were not met? >> they let four, at least four people go from the state department. why? why? what were they fired for? what did they do? see, we don't know anything.
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it's just b.s. it's like this fast and furious business that happened. >> right. >> bill: the folks don't know what happened. who screwed up. >> charlene lamb is gone. she testified a couple of months ago on the hill. ask me i don't even remember who she is. the other thing that's disturbing that came out today and one of the senators mentioned this i think it was bob corker that people talk about well we need more money. john kerry brought this up. you can't cut the state department budget. senator corker from tennessee said look, we don't even know how the priorities are set at the state department because they are not telling us anything. nor do we know how far along they are in actually apprehending the people who did this and killed these people. our brave americans. we don't have anyone in custody apparently who we believe is at the center of all of this. i mean, someone in jail and morocco. is he still there? i mean, i don't think anyone knows anything. >> bill: there has been no
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information forth coming. you know, we asked secretary clinton to get involved with the marine case. the hammar case in mexico. and nobody can find her. i don't know. this is pretty spooky. and, remember, she will testify in january any say. she is out of there. her approval rating still hovers at 60%. 60% of the people still think she is doing a good job. >> her approval rating is high, bill. she is one of the few people in this administration that you can't tag with this bad economy and she is overseeing a foreign policy of deny and neglect and people are tired of wars in the middle east. other than benghazi hillary is looking not so bad compared to the rest of the crowd. they got reelected. >> bill: we hoping she is feeling better. a couple jokes her way. we don't want her to be suffering in the christmas season. >> bill: thank you very much. directly ahead ebenezer awards given to those people attack christmas this year. we will name them. jesse watters in hawaii,
1:20 am
everybody. find out about president obama's deep connections to that state. a tropical watters world up ahead.
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bill bill impact segment tonight, the 2012 ebenezer awards are given out by the beckett fund for religious liberty which tracks attacks on christmas which don't exist according to jon stewart. in the past beach ebenezer award for banning a christmas turkey give away. commissioner in cocoa mow got ebenezer for replacing a kresh with lock necessary monster. and city manager of eugene, oregon got an award for banning christmas trees in any public space out there. let's start up with the -- by
1:24 am
the way it's ebb feeser scrooge based on christmas carol by charles dickens. most people know that but i wanted to clarify. >> first runner is santa monica after having nativity scene on display for 60 years. they put the scene in moth balls and took it away. >> bill: they said you could do real life people or something we covered this briefly. an atheist attacked the display. >> yes. >> the atheist, the courts have ruled that you can have these things but if an atheist wants a display, they have to have it too, right? is that the law. >> right. they have the right. supreme court decided they have to give equal space. atheists so far out there and they wanted to the do all this disparagement of religion in santa monica they decided not to do anything. >> they flooded the lottery and had a lot of displays. the live spray r. displays are
1:25 am
inside churches. >> bill: 50 year tradition because of one pinhead and his crew. >> yes. >> bill: who else. >> winner of the ward should i announce it right now. ebenezer award goes to lincoln chief. >> bill: -- chafee. >> he was so afraid there would be christmas caroling in city hall he treated the release of the display a matter of national security, released it 30 minutes beforehand. >> bill: he came on the program here and told us well it's a holiday tree and not a christmas tree. that's the beef. and this is paid for by the state of rhode island, the folks. he said i can't call it a christmas tree because that offends people who aren't christians but 80% of americans say they are christians so who, you know. i think might be offending them. >> it's part of a larger problem and issue. right now religion is being treated like smoke and religious displays like second hand smoke. no one can be exposed to
1:26 am
because it's bad for you. that's why the beckett fund gives silly awards. my parents left cuba and came to this country because the government in this country is not supposed to be able to touch or take away what's in here or what's in here. >> bill: why do you think the secular progressives are attacks displays in the public square, why? >> it bothers them. they want the state to be the only place where get their values and their religion. >> that's what they did in cuba, right? >> that's what they did in cuba, in fact, christmas and christmas trees were banned in cuba for 30 years. why? castro understood this was an important part of who we are. it's not about who god is. it's about who we are. we are religious beings with convictions and we should be able to carry those convictions to our work place. the classical music association doesn't pro-says they can get gal time. everyone beyond stands this is part of culture to be able to express ourselves.
1:27 am
same thing with religion. no one should be complaining about the expression of religion. >> bill: as long as it's not forced on the folks. i agree with the ruling if you want to have other displays in the same proximity. that doesn't bother me. all right, christina. thanks very much. the ebenezer award goes to the governor of rhode island lincoln chafee. are you going to go up and give to him i hope so. >> we send him a bag of coal. >> bill: i get those, too. by the way my newspaper column this week is on governor chafey. you can read it on bill o' in type papers across the country including the "new york post" here in the big town. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miss megyn kelly making it hard to confront people with mental problems. take a look at a former miss u.s.a. ordered to pay a million bucks. hawaii where president obama will vacation. don't miss this one. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. national institutes of health say that many american teenagers do not think marijuana is all that bad. 42% of eighth graders say the occasional use of pot is harmful but the rest, 58% apparently don't think it's harmful. 21% of seniors in high school say occasional use of pot is harmful. just 21%. the rest say it's all right. hey. here now, culture warriors
1:32 am
jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. you know in every school they have stoner clubs. did you know that? no. >> they didn't when i was d.a. >> it's not like they are in the yearbook. in the yearbook they do little innuendos. editors put that on. there is every high school on long island and they meet in the parking lot before school starts these kids. it's like fast times at ridgemont high. >> stoned before they go to school. >> i want to show this full page ad in the "new york times" today. this is why. full page ad "new york times" drug policy alliance far left kook george sr. rose funds them. legalization marijuana in united states. that's why the kids are so blaize glorified this just like that full page add. you have big find brad pitt and russell simmons other people on board with this. >> bill: willie nelson has got a book. he wants to smoke his body. >> all i'm say something that
1:33 am
young kids are looking up to these people and they are thinking wow, it must be no big deal. then you add to it that colorado and washington just made it legal. you add to to it that medical marijuana with a farce all you have to do is get a simple prescription and go get it it add to it dare, the number one program teaching school kids about drugs has now decided for pot actually think it influences them to smoke it if they burn it up and tell them about it. >> bill: pirro, you are a former judge. do you believe that marijuana, the drug is a harmful substance? >> well, i don't think there is any question but that it is. there was a that chaotic. the studies clear. at the very least, bill, think about the fact that you have to smoke marijuana. you hold the smoke in longer. it has far more carcinogen nics in it than a cigarette. the respiratory and bronchial problems are exsal per rated from a joint. what we have a society where
1:34 am
69% of cifdz think it's dangerous to smoke a cigarette and yet 34% think it's dangerous to smoke weed. what does that tell you? our kids are not in a lab doing scientific studdies. so it tells you that it is a function of our culture whereas gretchen said because of movies and everything else and parents who smoked weed when it was nowhere near as strong as it is now. >> bill: that's a good point. >> it's not a big deal to these kids. >> bill: let me give you my perspective as a high school teacher. when i taught high school the stoners in my class and i can see them change so in the beginning of school there were a few and then throughout the year because i taught juniors and seniors some started experimenting with drugs. you could see the change in them. any child and i'm saying and you are a child up to the age of 17. any child who gets involved with intoxicants whether it's booze, drugs, pot, doesn't matter. forget about childhood that vanishes immediately. gone. they become a whole different person. and now it's oh it's ha ha
1:35 am
business with the pot. oh, you know, it's so wrong with it and there are a lot of adults that are enabling this attitude if you start young. it's a gate way to harder drugs. here is why i believe that kids don't think that smoking cigarettes is cool anymore as you point out janine because they are being taught that. that's all over the place right now. how bad smoking cigarettes is for you. >> bill: pot is okay? >> yes. but i'm going to bring hope because it's the christmas season. because if we start educating them. and this is why i think dare should go back to talking about pot that maybe we'll get the same reaction. >> bill: the media likes pot. and the media is the big driver of public opinion. now, i know pirro, i know professional people. doctors, lawyers, things like that who smoke marijuana every day. that's what they do when they come home. all right? they don't drink anymore. they smoke pot. they can function.
1:36 am
they function. and i'm going to get lots of letters from people i smoke pot. i do this. it doesn't hurt me. it doesn't hurt me. this is what the kids are hearing. that it is a drug with no unintended consequences. but there are adults who can do it on a daily basis and they don't seem to be paying the price. >> the adults who do it on the daily basis, bill are 25 to 50% more likely to be addicted. they may be doing it on a daily basis because they are addicted. people who do cocaine function, too. we'll get letters on that as well. it's about masking what the problem is and what you have got to try to do is understand we are in a danger zone right now. you go to work on an assembly line. you had some weed at lunchtime. your perception of risk is forget getting in a car that's the obvious. >> absolutely. all right, ladies, thanks very much. when we come back miss megyn kelly on the aclu making it hard to commit americans.
1:37 am
u.s.a., a contestant ordered to pay donald trump 5 million bucks. kelly is next.
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1:40 am
>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. here is a little known fact about the mass murder in new town, connecticut. that state tried to pass a
1:41 am
tougher members of the jury health bill it was defeated and the aclu vigorously helped in the defeat. here now to explain megyn kelly what would it have done. >> it would allowed a conservator to oversee he medication who was mentally ill and needed ms. now they thought that was too invasive. they thought you needed at least two doctors to say okay. we need a conservator and connecticut was only going to require one. in any event, that law that connecticut was looking at defeated in february of '12 was less stringent. provided less remedies for helping the mentally ill than we have in place in 44 other states. >> bill: do you believe as an attorney that the mental health laws the state laws are enough to get somebody like this lanza guy. >> no. >> bill: they are not enough. >> some problems. the president is looking at gun control. i understand there is a large number of people in the country that wants that. but starting with why the mad
1:42 am
man wants to kill and trying to stop that would be such a great thing to focus on. i'm not sure lanza's mother would have brought it to the attention. >> that's not true. somebody knew this family trying to have him committed. >> bill: it would have been difficult for her to do that. >> it would have been so hard. getting somebody committed this this country inpatient involuntary commitment is extremely hard. you basically have to prove the person is a danger, that they have to try to kill. they have to have done something. it can't be real reason to be concerned. so 44 states have passed a law ken are a's law and lawyer wraps law. these were based on when when mentally ill people. >> pushed two people in front of a subway train. then they passed a law to say okay you can also require outpatient treatment against somebody's will if you can
1:43 am
prove they are a potential danger. they don't have to commit a crime first. >> bill: that's really really hard to do. >> 44 states at least have that connecticut is not one of them. >> bill: the aclu is opposed to all of this. they don't want any of it. and they will pro bono work against it. >> because they are worried about the civil rights of the people who are going to be committed. they say, look, it's quite a thing to have your drawers drop down and needle put in your butt with medications that you don't want because somebody that you don't know is saying you have to have it. >> bill: that's what the book and the movie one flew over the coo coo's nest. >> we used to convict folks too quickly now we have i don't know the opposite way. i want viewers to know the mental health system is totally inadequate. the funding for it is totally inadequate. not enough money. people are not taking add van tangs of what services are available. only 39% of people who have received a diagnosis of being mentally ill and need medications get them. seek them. only 39%.
1:44 am
>> bill: if you are mentally ill, you know, you are mentally ill. doesn't mean you are going to be responsible and seek help. >> big holes in the mental health system. >> bill: trump runs this misuniverse thing and miss u.s.a. says it's fixed. >> a contestant in the miss u.s.a. pageant said it was fixed. she didn't make it she got eliminated in the preliminary so she decided to blame the pageant. >> bill: the system rules against she has to pay 5 million. number one she doesn't have 5 million but how did that happen. >> she participates and unfortunately for sheena she got booted in the preliminary round. gracious loser she decided to state the whole pageant was rigged. she claimed that miss florida told her the top five had already been determined when they were only at the sweet 16 round. how would they know who the top five were if it weren't rigged. trump came out and said she is a complete liar. that's blatantly untrue.
1:45 am
earn citizen young tab blats the stuff as it goes along and they say it's not true. he said i will give you 24 hours to take that back. you were on "the today show" among other outlets. you have 24 hours to take it back or i will sue you. she refused of the he sued her. they went to arbitration. sign up for miss u.s.a. she didn't bore to defend herself and judgment entered against her for a million dollars. >> bill: she doesn't have a million. attach the salary that she makes. >> can he try to garnish her wages if he really wants to go after her. i don't know whether he is planning on doing that or adequately made his point. i have to tell you it's so impossible to recover a judgment when you are a public figure and you sue for defamation he did it. this arbitrator says he was defamed. she blatantly made this up. she was sour grapes because she got booted early. transgender. >> bill: do you think this marine is going to be released in mat morass? >> i have seen nothing officially to suggest that it sounds like more and more his
1:46 am
family and each a couple u.s. officials are starting to believe it's likely. >> bill: if he isn't released, then i'm going to call for boycott and you are going to be long with that right? on your program. >> it's sad to me. i had my honey moon in mexico and a beautiful town and the mexican people tend to love american people and need our tourism. this isn't all about mexican people but these folks making the decisions on this are not exercising reason. >> bill: that's right. we're going to have to take them -- we hope the christmas spirit prevails down in mexico and the corporal is released. miss megyn thanks so much. >> you bet. >> bill: what a june cet. watters goes to hawaii. we pay for it president obama is going to take his christmas vacation there. watters is like there ahead. and he was talking to -- well, look, you know who is he talking to. we'll be right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. watters world. as you may know the president will vacation in hawaii. the budget mess is delaying departure from washington. the michelle and daughters may travel tomorrow. watters beat them. he landed in honolulu earlier this week. ♪ ♪ to say on a bright hawaiian christmas day >> obama is a hawaii guy. is he vacationing here. >> i think there is pride. >> i like him. it's like let's get down. let's do it. in worries. here, let's go at it. >> are you going to be all right. >> yeah i'm getting excited. >> i don't give a [bleep] >> obamas are vacationing at this multi-million-dollar estate. secret service occupy the homes to the left and the right. usually a typical day for the president on vacation go work out in the morning at the marine base and golf and shave
1:51 am
ice. the area that he is staying at, what's the reputation there. >> it's really high class. good security down there. >> president obama is vacationing just a few houses down. >> if you want to go in and out of the neighborhood bs are what does that mean for you guys? >> we will have it be searched. >> none of your crazy friends can come. >> i think they can. but they just going to have to be put through the ringer, i guess. ♪ >> growing up in hawaii, president obama was known as barey. he was abandoned by african-american father and lived with parents in honolulu. >> you went to school with president barack obama. >> yes. i was lucky enough to be one of his classmates from fifth grade on. >> my mother-in-law remembers him scooping bass kin robbins ice cream with a big afro in high school. >> who did he run with? what was his crowd like. >> people just like him very cool and really, really good people. >> there were several memories that i think that we all had that were very strong and one was when his father came to speak to the fifth grade
1:52 am
class. >> what do you remember that his father spoke about to the class? >> it was actually about kenya. it enviewed the sense that there was a world outside of the united states. >> he also said that he is a little lazy and is he because he grew up here. >> if you are hawaiian you have no ambition. you are lazy. >> you have no idea what time it is right now do you. >> no. >> you are huge obama supporters. >> yeah i voted because they say if romney win we get no more food stamps. we need obama. >> next four years going to listen to him. >> what happened in the first four years? don't know. >> i preferred mccain, that was four years ago. >> that was four years ago. >> i know but did i. >> when obama grew up here he said there were a lot of racial issues. how would you define the racial scene in hawaii. >> i'm white i get it sometimes when i'm out there surfing. >> african-americans were not widely populating our schools. they were mostly located in the military families. >> i had some issues with
1:53 am
race. [ laughter ] we have all had issues. >> he said he experimented with pot and some times cocaine. >> the late 70s and in hawaii drugs were available. >> i saw you just a 60 ago smoking something out of a glass pipe. what was that? >> that was my cigarette pipe. >> tobacco. >> tobacco. >> you and i have this thing going, it's great. can you feel it? >> can i feel it. >> good i'm glad. >> don't make any sudden moves >> are you a factor fan. >> i do like bill o'reilly. yes, i do. >> anything you want to say to o'reilly right now? >> no. why is he here? >> would o'reilly be able to relax down here. >> he may get chased down the beach here. >> bill, calm down sometimes. >> o'reilly you are awesome. i love watching you. you are the man. >> bill: i love hawaii. i stayed at the marine base there in the presidential cottage on the cliff. >> you did. >> they were nice enough to put me up there. did i a peach. >> did you lee any listening devices in there. >> i don't know. i was there. hawaii is the most liberal
1:54 am
state in the union. it is vermont vias for that what is the reason for that? it's a cultural reason. multi-cultural asian influence too. it's a small island so they feel like they are a family. economy is such that you don't have a big middle class. extreme wealth and extreme poverty. the sun makes you lazy. they try to take care of everybody. then you know you have very loose pot laws. prostitution is not technically. >> it's a libertine society. i have to bring up something because i get a lot of mail. a lot of people want to know why you had the polo shirt up. >> it's my trademark, bill. >> bill: i told them you have a sore neck. >> you have your trademark i have my trademark. >> bill: what's my trademark. >> we all know what your trademark is. >> bill: what's my trademark? >> that you are dapper. that's your trademark. that's my popped collar. >> best part of that piece is when you said do you have anything to say to bill o'reilly? she goes is he here. >> she thought i was o'reilly.
1:55 am
>> i never wear my collar on polo shirt up. >> please don't. >> bill: running up a huge tab. christmas message from me to you. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> my christmas message to you in just a moment. but first, last call. our great last-minute gift is a premium membership to bill o' because we can get that to you electronically. if you spend more than $20, you get this very nifty bumper sticker free of charge as well. all the money i derive on the web site goes to charity. now to the mail... >> you know, that's excellent, bill. everybody should call their
1:57 am
senators and congress people and ask them to step up. let's get the pressure going. >> and we will do that, jerry. y are waiting to see what happens over the next few days. >> maybe so, but he tried to go through legal channels. he did nothing wrong.
1:58 am
>> you should be afraid. absolutely.
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